I have no words

I have no words*

I’m forever an immigrant: my parents moved to Australia when I was very young, and now I’m prepared to try and settle here in the UK. My parents were considered ‘skilled’ migrants so they’re the run-of-the-mill variety of *ordinary* people making an *honest* living. I’ve been spoiled as the product of my parent’s and forebearer’s struggles – all that need concern me are first world problems.

No doubt immigration is a delicate subject.

But I see shit like this, in this day and age.. It just makes me sad.

** If it’s not clear, I am exasperated that the ‘immigration is a positive’ was downvoted so much compared to the others veering towards the ‘Rs’ *sigh*

“I’m not racist, but…”

Android, Random, Rants

Ever since registering to Google Play to punt out a couple of simple apps I have been receiving some ads through the (developer registered) email address regarding advertising my apps to “drive higher revenue and get paid weekly”.

These apps, I may point out are free, so though I would *love* to get mo4r cash my development output at this stage isn’t exactly going to to buy me a house.

Fuck off AirPush – I hate your invasive advertising tactic and I hate finding your emails advertising yourselves. And the rest of the other guys eager to promote my apps – I’ll go find you if I wanted promotion. But somehow, I think I’ll take a flame thrower..

Not interested in dirty advertising, so fuck off with your ads

Rants, Web

Dear Internets,

It’s been 20 years, there is a long-established consortium that develops standards for viewing data on the web and the method of describing presentation semantics of web documents is now 15 years old. Javascript is similarly 17 years old now.

So then, why, for-the-love-of-fucking-christ, do I find:

  • Tables for formatting
  • Use of deprecated tags (like background on said tables
  • Flash.. showing nothing but the logo
  • Using Javascript onload.. inside opening tags and preloading images

This all would be forgiven if the year read 1996. But then you have PNGs that use the alpha channel and Google Analytics.

You are a troll….. aren’t you?

Dear Internets..

Rants, Web

Well, looks like Twatterers have gotten to see more of the awful future in using the SEO tool service (hah) – now even tackling 3rd party clients.

After Facestalk, I am reluctant to go on any more social networking adventures* seeing that it all seems futile. Though the app.net alternative is an interesting one – I can’t shake off the feeling that any similar micro-blog services are just the same wheel, ‘reinvented’.

Until I find a medium more suitable, I guess it’s slow rants on a clunky website for me. At least I’ll have myself to blame when this ‘service’ breaks or goes down.

* Still using FB for keeping tabs on family members, some who are stuck for similar reasons. In addition, I haven’t updated my Google+ account either..

Where can one rant, oh internets?