This is the scratch space, the sandbox, the dumping ground of Kit Belista. If this is not what you were expecting, then perhaps my ‘professional’ site is what you wanted.

Beware, the following will contain my opinions and rants which are not in any circumstance the opinion of anyone else. There will be foul language, possibly distasteful jokes and perhaps nudity (at someone else’s expense).

The name

I actually didn’t choose it – the domain was given to me as a gift, intended for the random scribblings I did more often in the past. The web archive does say it’s first trawl was in March 2004, though obviously I had played with websites earlier in my university days (since they provided some web space with student server accounts). I’ll probably dig up these horrible things for lulz.


This is my personal edit of the Twenty Eleven theme, where I have tweaked some things to be nicer without Javascript and reduced the large header image.

I have a custom layout based on the showcase format for some of the pages, which extracts the child pages of a given page path as well as stories of a given tag.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy of this theme, just ask politely! However, be wary that I may change the theme slightly from time to time to suit my needs. I wanna nice clean one again..

Be nice

Fundamentally this is really the only ‘terms and conditions’ clause: “Don’t be a dick, lol” (Apologies to those named ‘Dick’, but see it’s lower case meaning I intended the more derogatory term.) If you aren’t going to be nice: GTFO. I moderate comments before they show up; I have no respect for any asshats spamming links or attempting referral spam (under the ‘conditions clause’, that is dickery right there).

Hot-linking is soooo passé, at least take a copy of images and use a free image hosting service. Also not cool are blantant ripoff of content from this site. Instead, it’s amazing what you get for free when you ask nicely.

6 thoughts on “About

    • kit says:


      My full name, Kathlene Belista, is searchable on LinkedIn, but I’ve neglected my account for a while.

      My normal email address is _kit_[at]belista-id-au (remove ‘_’ before ‘[at]’, replacing ‘[at]’ with ‘@’, and replace ‘-‘ with ‘.’) – this is to match up with my more ‘professional’ front at http://kit.belista.id.au/

  1. Jon says:

    I’ve been working on modifying the SliderDrawer, and found your post very useful as a starting-point.

    I had a couple of small problems getting it going though, and thought I’d share as the may be useful to you, and others…

    One was that the compiler complained about mLeft, mBottom, mTop and mRight. I don’t understand why though. They are protected variables in View, so should be accessible here. I worked around it by creating local variables. Now I just have to make sure the populate at the right time.

    The other was that I was using horizontal drawers, but they were still appearing as vertical. I figured out that this is because the attribute wasn’t being correctly parsed. It’s an int, so to declare it using a string “horizontal” means that an enum is needed. The entry for it in attrs.xml should look like this…

    Thanks for the info to get me started!

    • kit says:

      Thanks for the comment, I hope the SlidingDrawer post was useful to you.

      It’s been a while since I’ve looked into the SlidingDrawer, mainly due to time and trying to look into the more recent fragment ‘model’. Thanks for the time to point out your issues with it; I do recommend to rolling out your own SlidingDrawer if you plan to use it as it has been officially deprecated.

  2. Randy Reeder says:

    Hey Kit,

    I tried to send you an email last night regarding your TNP poster graphics. I’m not sure if you got it or not. If not, let me know and I’ll try to resend.


    • kit says:

      Hi Randy,

      I have various addresses (which are not well managed at the moment as they are self-hosted and lack a web interface) but am reachable on Gmail with the username ‘kit.belista’

      Apologies for having to go a round-about manner to contact me..

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