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From http://heartmindcode.com/2013/08/16/loyalty-and-layoffs/

A corporation is not a living creature. It has no soul. It has no heart. It has no feelings. It can neither experience towards you nor enjoy from you even the concept of loyalty. It is a legal fiction, and it exists for one purpose only: to make profit.

What is utterly depressing is that if you replace “corporation” with “the UK” this seems to still be an accurate statement; but the advice at the end isn’t always practical for a country’s residents.

The CEO of your company is a paid sociopath

Rants, Web

Dear Internets,

It’s been 20 years, there is a long-established consortium that develops standards for viewing data on the web and the method of describing presentation semantics of web documents is now 15 years old. Javascript is similarly 17 years old now.

So then, why, for-the-love-of-fucking-christ, do I find:

  • Tables for formatting
  • Use of deprecated tags (like background on said tables
  • Flash.. showing nothing but the logo
  • Using Javascript onload.. inside opening tags and preloading images

This all would be forgiven if the year read 1996. But then you have PNGs that use the alpha channel and Google Analytics.

You are a troll….. aren’t you?

Dear Internets..

Deepwater Horizon fire

From the ashes

We like to look back and chuckle; it is now referred to as ‘The Harddrive Fire of 2011’.

Some of my work has been lost, or now hiding in old machines that haven’t seen this side of 2006. Hopefully I can revive this site with a little more activity, more updates, and a better looking interface.

It’ll get there, eventually.

Deepwater Horizon fire

Our server! It's just a little on fire, it's still good??

To actually elaborate: our web server experienced a complete harddrive failure on the 18th of August, 2011. Our failure to set up regular backups meant that some of our data has been lost or is too difficult to restore. SUXX0RS