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I was bored. Please send drugs


I thought I hit peak sass when I managed to put “unicorn”, “farted” and “salt” together in a sentence and in that sequence.

Well played, Juan. Well played.

That guy; I want to be that guy...

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Alert Droid

AlertDroid is b0rk3n…

Looks like British Gas broke AlertDroid by mangling its certificate chain..

Thanks for your patience while I sort this shit out (rather than BYPASS SECURITY)

EDIT 20150623

I cheated..

EDIT 20150621_2337

Wow, I should probably write about the epic journey to correct the mal-installed certificate..

I can’t update the Google Play Store with the new APK as I’ve misplaced the passwords to the original keystore I used; in the meantime I have built it and put a copy here


Oh it’s almost time for this..

This code is generated from an even hotter mess of code

The code that generates this hot mess of a picure

When people say “only 2 sleeps” – does it count if both days add up to one night’s worth?


Code for (a QR) Code



Not bad for my first attempt at making oshizushi.

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Fired up for TNP

Fired up for TNP

I was pretty surprised that someone took interest in this old* thing – first published on BrewDog’s Equity for Punks forums back in the days we fanboi’d fairly hard. The concept of the pic occurred to me during the first AGM; personally frustrated that the first TNP penguin could do with more of a ‘hardcore’ look/attitude.

Though I dislike smoking I am not against lighters (hey, I did Scouts – they’re pretty handy things) but I can’t help feel a little chuffed thinking that someone out there (probably in the US) is taking this little dude out, with a story to tell about one particularly tasty beer.

Hope you like your lighter Randy – perhaps some day in the future we would find ourselves at the Aberdeen BrewDog bar (it was the first one after all) and talk beer over TNP 😉

* This old thing? Jeez, it’s been only (less than) 3 years ago!


Randy’s lighter