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Your phone & I are fighting a duel

** Edit: LOL, Guardian

I can fully understand the frustrations of not being productive when circumstances are not favourable…

But every time I go out with you and you are looking at your phone.

In the pub.

It's Halloween - time to tell someone else about it

It’s Halloween down at the pub – time to tell someone on the other side of the country about it

At a coffee shop.

Let's talk about it over coffee

Let’s talk about it over coffee

At a friend’s house.


We’re socializing – we’re in the same room, right?

.. everywhere ..

This is what I think:

1) Did I give you the impression that I absolutely love watching you play with your phone?

Don't let me interrupt

Don’t let me interrupt – I can just watch you ignore me

2) Am I that INCREDIBLY boring?

Are you not entertained?

Are you not entertained?

3) Is my company even important to you since you are ignoring me?

What a lovely day - to spend looking down at a small screen

What a lovely day – to spend looking down at a small screen

4) Did I piss you off that I need a public display of disrespect?


Let my watch you deal with that riveting Twitter conversation which replaces the one we could be having right now – face to face

5) Is it inconvenient that I am frustrated that you prefer using your phone than spending time with someone right there with you?

Family Together for Christmas Holiday in House with Decorations

Christmas is a great excuse for family bonding.. Guys?

6) Is this the future – talking to people without making eye-contact but also somehow having to know not to interrupt you


This is starting to be normal – does that make me abnormal?

My conclusion: Fuck going out – if I wanted to look like a fucking loon and try striking a conversation with a wall I should of checked into a mental asylum. I could of stayed home, browse 4chan/upworthy/fml for hours for lulz; it would spare me from feeling like a complete and utter tool.

Fuck me, I must be a luddite if I can't enjoy nature as intended from a small screen

Fuck me, I must be a luddite if I can’t enjoy nature as intended from a small screen


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http://www.tjeerdposthuma.nl/category/girls-texting-while-socializing-with-me makes me want to start a collection with others also socializing with other people and their handsets..