Rinse, repeat.. Jaaaavaaaaaa! D:<



Updates applied, then a broken Eclipse.

It’s like having a Windows machine again, where I have to burn everything and install it all again.. Except there isn’t much else to do but share the frustration with the Google results. Even PHP doesn’t carry as much bad press because it’s easy to install

My family has a history of high blood pressure; and you aren’t helping. Nor does this help reduce the angry, angry people out there.

Random, Rants

A stunning response to a bigoted Kindle owner (pity that the first couple of responses are a bunch of asshats.)

..Being married is a joy.

The idea that some organizations would spend millions of dollars to deny loving couples that joy (along with the tangible societal benefits) is just plain mean spirited…

America was founded on the idea of freedom. What could be more supportive of freedom than letting people be free to use the word “marriage” to describe two people in love, who’ve committed to spending their lives together?

And the world receives +1 in ‘Faith in Humanity’. Now if only there were enough points to level up, grinding seems so hard these days..