IMBC: It. Was. So. Awwwwwwwesome.

After a hectic Letchworth festival this year, I felt noticeably less nonchalant after it had finished. Leading up to IMBC I was utterly exhausted (volunteering *again*?!), and to be honest I didn’t get terribly excited until we got to the venue for set-up. Hard not (HardKnott??) to be excited after setting up in such a lovely building.. I’ve even made a splash page of it – a panorama before a near-full day behind the keg bar (bath?).

Quite an assortment of people, from almost all aspects of the (dare I say ‘craft’) beer ecosystem: the beer aficionados, the brewers, the beer suppliers stretching to those interested in what they ingest: the foodies, the coffee geeks, the purveyors quality food. I struggle to think of any faces that left lacking a smile, a healthy liver, and a shortage of memorable moments. It was the Woodstock of the Beer Renaissance.

Though there was no resolution on the definition of ‘craft beer’ the general consensus was that it was the people, not just the beer, that really impressed the most. Perhaps it’s reflected in the beer: a more honest, take-it-or-leave-it attitude. It’s a personal, complicated journey of mapping your own tastes on which you can find like-minded company from brew to end product.

Though the video is short, there was a definite theme built-in right after someone had the idea to send in the ‘juice..

Our take on the Independent Manchester Beer Festival

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