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Applely Cous Cous Salad & Salmon Rolls

A few days ago, we attempted to share around the ‘glut’ of venison we have at home by having a get-together with friends, but in typical fashion when we have guests around is a general food glut – and I mean post-event. Perhaps we are improving as the main set of leftovers were salad ingredients, but then there was quite a lot of the sushi-fodder remaining. The cooked venison on the other hand didn’t require coaxing to be taken home in take-aways so overall we’re calling it successful.

Applely Cous Cous & Salmon

One of the salads made was a cous-cous based one, a simplified version which Yvan specializes in (throwing what would sometimes seem rather random). However delicious there was also a potato salad, pita breads, home-made rolls, some sushi and the starring venison cooked in various ways there was no complaints on the lack of food around.

A leafy celery 'top' separates the horseradish from the sausage

Lunch contents: apple and walnut cous cous salad, chinese sausage ‘flower’ on spinach leaves, raw okra pieces, cucumber wrapped with smoked salmon served with horseradish sauce, lightly-salted radish

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