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Autumnal Gumbo

Autumnal Gumbo

I would rejoice for the day we can avoid trips to the supermegamarkets of Tesco and the ilk, but lacking the demand for ‘world’ cuisines means this can only remain a dream – or holidays back home. During another standard shop run for other necessities, Yvan and I spotted okra – a vegetable I’ve turned my childhood dislike to one of interest. Of the best uses, I’ve found at least, is the dish that instigated the 180-change on the opinion of this veg: gumbo. Though the original purpose of the shop trip seemed to be usurped by the focus of making a seafood gumbo, the results spoke – no, shouted – for themselves.

I’ve never had such an unctuous, thick, rich and flavourful gumbo – it blew the memories of the gumbo back in the New Orleans café which was variable at times. If I were to try the authentic article this is my new standard to hold them against, and I’m confident that it would do rather well. Though a little can go a long way it’s far too moreish and just plain delicious to restrict to a single small serving.

Top tier

Top tier contents: Apple segment, raw okra pieces, steamed carrot, cajun-style seafood gumbo garnished with spring onion and okra

Bottom tier contents (not pictured): plain short-grain rice

With the end of autumn, the little daylight available seems to be sensitive to the constant winter cloud cover. The colours aren’t the best – and neither is the variety – but it goes to show that sometimes the taste does all the talking. Very loudly. With a megaphone.

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