• Lunch.log – Google+ feed (generally more up to date with current lunch entries)
  • JustBento – if you bookmark just one bento resource, this is the definitive one
  • Ekiben Museum¬†– (in Japanese) a ‘live’ documentary of ekiben in Japan, including ones that have been discontinued
  • Lunch in a Box – come back, Biggie! Another “practical bento” reference
  • Soul Soup Soap – apart from the bento posts, I like reading about her trips around town
  • No Bento, No Life – I am assuming this guy’s a “salaryman” and that he’s the one cooking most of the time
  • BentoEx – Japanese culture references and has one of the better explanations regarding osechi I’ve seen (abandoned – see
  • K-Pop Style Diet – this is just fucking hilarious; just wish this blogger kept going. For times you know you’ve not packed/eaten the healthiest of lunches