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3 Shades of Pink

3 Shades of Pink

With Yvan’s cooking motivation fired up we’ve been neglecting some potatoes that was destined for competition or venison stew (yes, still have a glut, but mostly it’s in the freezer) so over the weekend he eventually oven roasted the lot with rosemary and olive oil. As a carby side it really is at home with the stew but I had plans to use the smallest of the lot into the usual salad, but hopefully with more flavour.

Top tier

Bottom tier

Top tier contents: chinese sausage ‘flowers’ on spinach leaves and red onion, potato salad, boiled egg, pickled radish chrysanthemum, cucumber slices.

Bottom tier contents: short grain rice topped with smoked salmon and shredded nori.

I’ve used up the rest of the ‘store cupboard’ staple of chinese sausage kicking around; it was cut in a similar fashion to the radish chrysanthemum (carefully, as the sausage is pretty hard) before dry-frying under medium heat. The cuts force the segments to separate as they cook to produce the ‘sea anemone’ floral effect – it can be produced on normal sausages though some suggest to boiling before frying the sausage I would rather like to see if it can be done in the oven.

Rather than use spring onion, leftover red onion was used in the potato salad. As I peeled the skins off, the rosemary flavours were more subtle. It probably would of been better to have used vinegared rice (perhaps with chopped capers) but I was aiming for more of a ‘rice bowl’ rather than ‘chirashizushi’ originally. In hindsight piquant rice would of been better to counter the rich oily sausages.

The weather has been completely dismal but natural light photos look all the more better.

Spilling over the bento always looks better, though not exactly transportable!

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