From the Sanrio character maker


I was bored. Please send drugs


I thought I hit peak sass when I managed to put “unicorn”, “farted” and “salt” together in a sentence and in that sequence.

Well played, Juan. Well played.

That guy; I want to be that guy...

Random, Rants


Alert Droid

AlertDroid is b0rk3n…

Looks like British Gas broke AlertDroid by mangling its certificate chain..

Thanks for your patience while I sort this shit out (rather than BYPASS SECURITY)

EDIT 20150623

I cheated..

EDIT 20150621_2337

Wow, I should probably write about the epic journey to correct the mal-installed certificate..

I can’t update the Google Play Store with the new APK as I’ve misplaced the passwords to the original keystore I used; in the meantime I have built it and put a copy here