Fired up for TNP

Fired up for TNP

I was pretty surprised that someone took interest in this old* thing – first published on BrewDog’s Equity for Punks forums back in the days we fanboi’d fairly hard. The concept of the pic occurred to me during the first AGM; personally frustrated that the first TNP penguin could do with more of a ‘hardcore’ look/attitude.

Though I dislike smoking I am not against lighters (hey, I did Scouts – they’re pretty handy things) but I can’t help feel a little chuffed thinking that someone out there (probably in the US) is taking this little dude out, with a story to tell about one particularly tasty beer.

Hope you like your lighter Randy – perhaps some day in the future we would find ourselves at the Aberdeen BrewDog bar (it was the first one after all) and talk beer over TNP 😉

* This old thing? Jeez, it’s been only (less than) 3 years ago!


Randy’s lighter