Letchworth Beer Festival 2012

Letchworth Beer & Cider Festival 2012

Letchworth Beer Festival 2012

Letchworth Beer Festival 2012

What is this? The official (and only) Letchworth Garden City Beer Festival 2012 app. Check out the 50+ cask ales, 10+ foreign beers and 15+ ciders & perries *before* you even queue up at the bar!

Google Play QR code

Scan and install the app now!

Where can I get it? I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Google Play developer account so you can easily install it on your Android device from Google Play. Alternatively, scan the QR code with your Android device:

How does it work? Perhaps later I can gush about the method I have used to read a public Google Spreadsheet as a live database, but too zonked!


Whole list by producer name

The entire cask ale, foreign beer, cider and perry list is shown.

Brewery details

View details on the breweries/producers.

Beverage taste notes

See the taste notes for your beer (or cider/perry) and write your own!

Your notes

Multiple notes and ratings means you can compare different times you've had the same beverage.

Filtering list by type

View a filtered version of the list.

Items that have sold out are crossed out

The list will have items crossed out as soon as they are marked 'gone'. Be sure to reload (not too often)

Items that have a rating/note saved are 'ticked'

Filter the list according to the ones you have rated/made notes - this makes them 'ticked'

Tick filter options

You can view 'unticked' - unrated items - so you can track down which ones you might like next.

Future roadmap

For future versions/festivals, hopefully (at least some of) the following would be completed:

  • Timestamps for notes
  • Faster refresh (use JSON instead of XML download to keep download smaller)
  • Online interaction – closed garden to compare other reviews – and/or Twitter/Untappd/FB/Foursquare/whatever-else link
  • Cask ale/foreign beer/cider/perry of the festival submission