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Lunch Log: Week 218

A full week of bento again, but not necessarily the best for my waistline. Especially when one’s in no mood and needs some motivation – in the form of food.

Am I a Pavlov’s Kat?

I got to use a ‘contraband’ item this week, but I was mistaken that it’s not the ‘raw’ form of it so it was less offensive. Oh well, better luck next time…

August 21

A weekend away means there hasn’t been a food restock, but that’s what the fridge and freezer are for. Lunch is ebi chili, steamed snow peas, spinach namul, rice with an umeboshi, kimchi, steamed broccoli and broad beans and tomatoes

August 22

Waking up tired and with a headache, not good. At least I can cook myself into a better mood even if there’s lots of salad… Lunch is Korean fried chicken, grilled zucchini, steamed snow peas, rice with takuan and yukari, and a balsamic vinegar dressed salad

August 23

Running out of stash stuff

Fried chicken is my weakness

I wanna go home, but then again I’d be by myself and a pile of chicken bits ready to fry. Lunch is chicken karaage, stir fried zucchini with ramson butter, steamed snow peas, rice with an umeboshi and a carbless chunky tabbouleh.

Simple again because I’ve not really done the weekly shop yet

August 24

Fried and spicy home cooked food is my personal medication for uplifting my mood, and a little bit of bagoong for a touch of fuck you. Lunch is zucchini with bagoong, chicken karaage, eggplant with sriracha seasoning, rice with takuan and pickled radishes, spicy Korean cucumber salad, steamed broccoli and tomatoes.

So annoying that oily food tastes so good…

August 25

The experiment last night was a success as bagoong infiltrated a side dish but did not meet derision. I could of celebrated with noodles today but there were too many leftovers. Lunch is chicken karaage, green beans with bagoong, tomato, zucchini namul, eggplant with nanban sauce, picked radishes, rice with an umeboshi, cucumber and takuan.

Party time, rice restrictions relaxed today!

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