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Lunch Log: Week 219

More beer-related schenanigans this weekend, so it was a miracle to find the motivation to get a lunch packed. But having leftovers makes short of excusing oneself from cooking everything from scratch at least.

August 29

Partying hard was not a good idea but fun was had, resulting in odd leftovers. Lunch is marinated rare steak with red onion, takuan, BBQ eggplant with soy and chilli, rice with yukari, chunky tzatziki and olives.

August 30

Finally got around to cooking a big bog last night; reminds me that these meals are large! Lunch is linguine with raw zucchini strips, slow roasted tomatoes, spicy Bolognese and olives. Pastasplode!

August 31

Another end of month, how time flies. And a sight that reminds me that no food is safe when it comes to fusion. Lunch is rice with takuan, grilled eggplant with vinegar and soy, green beans with goma-ae, marinated steak, spinach laing (dry style) and “Greek” salad

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