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Lunch Log: Week 217

Not going to lie, if I allowed myself to be lazy I’d probably order more curry in and accelerate the rate of my expansion. When one does crave it at home and makes it, it’s very telling from the amounts of oil involved.

Gah, why are the tastiest cuisines normally the worst for you?!

August 14

Feeling drained, which is not good going at the start of another planning day at work. Fried food, do your stuff! Lunch is tempura prawns with aonori, spinach namul, tomato, rice with an umeboshi, quick pickled cucumber, radish and steamed broccoli with Dijon mustard

August 15

It’s fusion time again, and the protein has taken the backseat. Hurray for home made curry leftovers! Lunch is chicken karaage, bhindi bhaji, brinjal bhaji, rice with a bit of lime pickle, steamed purple sprouting broccoli and a balsamic vinegar dressed salad

August 16

Oh look, it’s the old format: with this many leftovers I decided to just go for it. Just ignore the shiny oil sheen… Lunch is rustic Korean style spinach, tomato, bhindi bhaji, brinjal bhaji, steamed snow peas, pickled radish, karaage, balsamic vinegar dressed salad, steamed broccoli and rice with an umeboshi. Now this is tasty!

August 17

Some say that food reflects what kind of person you are. In that case, I’m spicy today. Lunch is spicy chicken, okra, fish fragrant eggplant, steamed snow peas, rice with takuan and pickled radish, bashed cucumber and tomatoes

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