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Lunch Log: Week 215

I think it’s getting a little too repetitive saying I’m “on a diet” – it’s a little obvious that I’m cutting back due to the massive amounts of food I can put away without the metabolism to handle things. Likewise, it’s obvious when I’m not trying to stay to smaller portions.

Anyway, something about being late summer and a random weekend event that did not go quite as plan (nor smoothly!) so a warning for those plagued with vehicle ownership: make sure you have roadside assistance especially Sundays!

July 31

Very very drained from the weekend but by some miracle lunch was made. Almost vegan as I’ve added fishy things. Lunch is runner beans with oyster sauce, breaded eggplant, takuan, simmered hijiki and carrot, rice with an umeboshi and a Thai styled salad

August 1

First of the month, how time flies. Still feeling horribly tired, so leftovers are welcome. Lunch is spicy stir fried lamb, 70g rice with yukari and pickled radish, simmered hijiki and carrot, takuan, miso simmered runner beans and cabbage, steamed broccoli and rustic Korean style spinach

August 2

Tired and exhausted, possibly a connection to the dull weather so far this week. Please save me, food! Lunch is soy eggplant, simmered hijiki and carrot, Chaplin-steak style minced beef, stir fried beans, rice with yukari and umeboshi, Thai styled salad´╗┐

August 3

Someone packed me a lunch for a change, though I am responsible for a few additions. Lunch is basa and cuttlefish ball laksa with spinach, bean sprouts and rice noodles.

This definitely would cover breakfast.

August 4

It’s a very western lunch today, it is almost unbelievable that I’ve not done this pasta in a while as it’s easy and tasty. Thanks Jack! Lunch is creamy salmon linguine, carb-free tabbouleh, steamed broad beans with capers and spinach omlettes

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