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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 214

It’s nice to have a weekend with a household inspired to do foodie things together, but as the week powers on it tends to be short-lived. At least there was a reasonable supply of ingredients to work with and decent-enough weather to get through!

July 25

I guess there are worse things to be than a lazy accidental vegan but it seems dinner provided plenty of leftovers. Lunch is eggplant and zucchini coconut curry, “everyday” dhal, coconut and cardimom basmati rice, cucumber and tomato salad and steamed broccoli´╗┐.

Today is not a chopsticks day.

July 26

I am very conflicted in the eating of eel as it’s both tasty and endangered, so after this experiment I might be able to relive the experience… Sort of…

Lunch is simmered hijiki and carrot, “fauxnagi” (kabayaki bream), pickled radish, takuan, steamed broccoli, steamed peas and tomato.

The smoked salt and sansho help, but it’s no confusing it for eel; however it still tastes pretty good. Summer fauxnagi: I can live with that as a new tradition

July 27

According to Google Plus I’ve recorded just over 800 lunches I’d classify as bento (eaten out of the box, and not plating) with this account. Dunno if much has changed, but due to the diet at least more veg is present. Lunch is steamed broccoli, beef croquettes n shredded cabbage, rice with yukari and umeboshi, chunky tzatziki, simmered hijiki and carrot and pickled radishes

July 28

I dunno, entry 803? In reality, diet fail due to some “leaving do” pizza, but I only had one (small!) slice. Second lunch is a small portion of rice with an umeboshi, steamed broccoli, beef croquette on shredded cabbage, simmered hijiki and carrot, runner beans and broccoli stem kimpira, “Greek” salad and BBQ zucchini

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