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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 206

A trip into town is exciting because of all the awesome ingredients you can stock up on to make the bestest of food (the quality of food in town is not reliably great despite what you pay for it – and you’ll have to pay well to get the best).

One of those results was salt beef – or silverside – something that came prepped ready for cooking back in ‘straya but not here. As with most things out of fashion, salt beef was a typical butcher’s shop item (along with salt tongues) which only certain generations would reminisce in the pub about the truely good bits of the good old days. The salt beef this week was prepared at home – brined with salt petre to ensure it retains its pink colour – which is a very nostalgic image for some. Though we did give the over-cooked mushy veg a miss!

May 30

A mix of diet, late night and an unenthusiastic appetite today. Lunch is steamed asparagus, bread-and-butter pickles, tomatoes and an onigiri (bacon, mayo and sesame).

At least I’ve gotten around to eat the now aging asparagus, it’s still not too bad

May 31

“When he was good, he was very very good. But when he was bad he was horrid”. Perhaps both at the same time, this curry is amazing but horrible to my diet plans. Lunch is Laksa-like prawn and veggie curry with rice noodles.

With food like this I’ll gladly clean up the mess in the kitchen

June 1

Back to the diet plan, the feeling of fullness is most effective with water. But I still wish I could eat more rice. Lunch is slow cooked brined beef rib, sauerkraut, bread-and-butter pickles, tomato, pak choi with oyster sauce, steamed broccoli and asparagus and a 70g rice snack.

June 2

Fridge raid! I see that we’ve got baby beets the size of large cherry tomatoes. Lunch is sauerkraut and slow cooked brined beef rib, mushrooms in white sauce, pickles beetroot, pak choi stir fried in bacon grease, green beans with oyster sauce, steamed broccoli, steamed broad beans, tomatoes and snack sized rice with an umeboshi

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