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Lunch Log: Week 207

It’s not my first rodeo but it’s always a surprise when the bulk of beery distractions start to come with more intensity. With the current ‘hack’ at play, carb-heavy meals are going a bit thin considering. Long-term, this should of been more disciplined but for the sake of those around me I can consider rice as a necessary drug.

June 6

Some people lose weight by restricting their eating to what they cook. I am not one of those people (despite the home cooked meals). Lunch is fennel and shallot en papillote, strawberry, slow roast cauliflower, mapo tofu, Sechuan style bashed cucumber, tomato and 74g of rice.

June 7

Finally got around making a sort of Japanese curry and the pan I used is stained despite cleaning. Lunch is 70g of rice, yakitori style chicken and leek, pickled radishes, veggie Japanese curry, “basic” tabbouleh and a strawberry. I probably put too much oil in things as I enjoyed the top tier too much…

June 8

Geez, I’m tired; this is why I keep going to these things: I have a whole year to forget. Lunch is also dinner: Japanese curry, roast cauliflower, pickled radish, mapo tofu, tabbouleh, strawberries and umeboshi onigiri

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