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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 205

I’ve merged 2 weeks as certain things in my yearly schedule are muddled with schenanigans (I’m still very pleased taking my own food to festivals, thanks).

May 17

Nothing like that dieter’s feeling when you spot the konnyaku. But frying it in a very hot pan did wonders. Lunch is lightly teriyaki’d konnyaku, a tiny morsel of rice with furikake, cucumber heavy tabbouleh and steamed broccoli with a bit of sumiso

May 18

Oh no, it’s past mid month and I am craving evil food. Definitely the festival of madness begins. Lunch is steamed baby corn, beef and veggie stir fry, konnyaku, rice snack with yukari furikake, steamed broccoli with sumiso dipping sauce and tabbouleh.

This actually illustrates my strategy: food is eaten in order from left to right, finish the bottom tier completely first then have a glass of water before moving to the rest.

May 22

I have paused the diet. Very late lunch posted exceedingly late is Korean style spinach, steamed beans, teriyaki’d konnyaku, steamed broccoli, home made corned beef with onion and capsicum, steamed broad beans with capers and onigiri (yukari furikake with hijiki and sesame and umeboshi)

May 24

I am still exhausted from festival shenanigans, and was looking forward to sweet refreshing broccoli stalks… FAIL! Lesson learnt: broccoli stems are not bitter if they are eaten fresh.. blurgh! Lunch is grilled lamb chops on parsley and sauerkraut, baby corn cooked in the lamb fat, steamed asparagus and a tomato served with steamed broccoli florets with Dijon mustard, raw broccoli stems and 75g of rice

May 25

Sunshine (and other factors) make me want to quit my job but then I remember that I need to afford food and shelter. Lunch is capsicum kimpira, tomato, steamed asparagus, venison sausage and lamb on sauerkraut, steamed broccoli with Dijon mustard and 75g of rice

May 26

Whelp, there goes the diet; an ice cream and takeout leftovers… Lunch is green beans with oyster sauce, spicy squid, veggie sweet and sour, tomato, beef in black bean sauce, steamed broccoli, steamed broad beans, takuan and jasmine rice

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