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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 204

One thing this ‘diet’ plan is not very compatible with: sushi. At least there aren’t any ingredients at hand, but when one despairs at the sight of more steamed broccoli, any perk would uplift the spirits.

As much as broccoli is improved with mayonnaise, I’ll hold on a bit longer…

May 8

I must hold on, as habits need time to form. But this diet/change is starting to make me cry. Lunch is rolled BBQ eggplant with wild garlic, wild garlic marinated mushroom, BBQ haloumi, noriben, steamed broccoli with sumiso dipping sauce (under the cucumber slice) and a salad.

If someone sits to me eating salad and grinning like those stock photos imma gunna punch their face

May 9

Tried making a carb-free lasagna, it was close enough. With leftover mince and lack of sleep, I was surprised I got into work on time. Lunch is beef soboro with wild garlic garnished with cress, a little treat (rice) with yukari furikake, steamed broccoli with sumiso dipping sauce and salad​.

It’s been heavy on the vinegar today, hopefully that would help curb the appetite

May 10

Feeling unwell, but fine enough to work. Must resist the urge to not enforce food plan… Lunch is 2 beef koftas wrapped in wild garlic, soy butter new potatoes, takuan, rice nibble with an umeboshi, cucumber and wakame salad, tomato and steamed broccoli with sumiso dipping sauce.

Geez do I miss karaage

May 11

Completely ran out of broccoli, so hopefully my replacement is similar. Also attempted make sushi with only 70g of cooked rice; doable but hard to control yourself from making more. Lunch is green beans kimpira, soy butter new potatoes, kimchi, takuan, mini meatballs, cucumber heavy tabbouleh, steamed broad beans with capers and tuna salad makizushi

May 12

Was going to fast today, but then decided I needed something in my stomach in the afternoon; good call. Lunch is takuan, tuna salad onigiri and a large serve of tabbouleh

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