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Lunch Log: Onigiri Action Week 184

I did attempt a ‘charaben’ style entry for the intersting #OnigiriAction contest but the rookie mistake of heating a riceball that has a slightly oily filling destroys their structural integrity.. At least the Sichuan style harusame salad was a revelation – I’ve got to get a recipe settled (though reduce the oil content somehow…)

November 14

It occurs to me that lunches like this makes it look like I’m doing 5:2 but truly I have no such discipline, only larger dinners the night before. Lunch is an umeboshi onigiri with a banana for dessert

November 15

A depressing grey day like this makes me wish I had something deep fried, but this is enough food for now. Lunch is a mixed cous cous onigiri and a cod roe with yukari onigiri.

November 17

Was tempted to have ’em hot; thus messed up their structural integrity. Though, the experimental filling was a success (given some care). Lunch is Sichuan-style harusame salad*, okra, tomato, roasted pumpkin and penguin onigiri with 2 types of Welsh rarebit filling. Looks like a death scene reenactment:

“Mike, I’m not going to make it.”
“Don’t say that! Stay with me!”
“Tell my wife………”

Apologies for such a morbid #OnigiriAction entry ;P

* This was the most awesome harusame salad I’ve made´╗┐

November 18

Oops, this was more filling than I anticipated; invited to a free dinner/soft opening tonight in Cambridge so perhaps they won’t serve generously. Lunch is okra, tomato, Sichuan style harusame salad and a cod roe with yukari onigiri

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