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Lunch Log: Onigiri Action Week 183

I am sure I can go for long stretches of time without meat but it is definitely more difficult absorbing more recipes. Oh and seafood – nothing else like it…

I’ll try cutting back more (but no promises). Onward with more #OnigiriAction!

November 7

At home the heating is yet to go on but I’ll admit that it’s gotten cold. Lunch is an umeboshi onigiri and a tinned salmon with mayonnaise and onion onigiri.

November 8

I like the technique for this but its a bit of a faff. Lunch is spicy salmon mayo onigiri (again with tea). Gochujang is the best!

November 9

Another dark day indeed. At least lunch was good, though I can’t decide which chilli was superior; I guess a bit like how things have turned out. Lunch is soy mince croquettes, eggplant slice, okra, tomato, saag aloo and chilli salmon mayo onigiri (sriracha)

November 10

The bananas in the office fruit bowl are huuuge. Lunch is a banana and a salmon onigiri (tinned salmon, yukari and spring onion). From the uptake on tea, I’ll need to restock my hoji cha work supply

November 11

Another sobering day, but trying put something new to me: tinned cod roe. Probably a shadow of the original, but I’ve little choice in the village. Lunch is a veggie croquette, saag aloo, okra, tomato, garlic mushrooms and onigiri (umeboshi, and spicy cod roe)

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