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Lunch Log: Onigiri Action Week 185

#OnigiriAction may feature the triangular shaped riceball, but they are also traditionally barrel, spherical and disc shaped. Though in retrospect, I can see why you’d avoid round with a visible umeboshi, especially if you pack a pair – hurray for boobies?

Perhaps I should repeat it for a cancer awareness campaign #BoobieAction

November 21

Ate a chocolate cup cake this morning, so I’m thankful I didn’t pack a full lunch. Lunch is a large “welsh rarebit” onigiri with extra chilli: perfect for a cold, wet, dark Winter’s day

November 22

Yay, leftovers: nothing more labour intensive than dumplings. Protip: if you use shredded cabbage as okazu bedding, add spring onions and some mayo at the end to make a rough coleslaw. Lunch is tomato, momo, okra, turnip and carrot namasu and a pair of umeboshi onigiri

November 23

I must admit I am really missing pasta and noodles as a main carbohydrate for lunch, which is crabstick, mayo, spring onion and sesame onigiri and a work banana. Good thing I’ve restocked hoji cha…

November 24

With many birthdays providing cakes and pastries, who needs to pack more? A vegetarian “fried rice” onigiri, à la mum who doesn’t fry hers: she mixes it up. I do miss some shrimp and Chinese sausage in this…

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