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Lunch Log: (Sporadic) Week 178

Right at the end of summer, the beer schedule is still rather full and lunch has been sometimes catered by the work toastie machine* so updates have remained sporadic. However, as part experiment, part health incentive the household is under “Vegtember” lockdown: no meat-derived protein for a month.

So far it’s been a interesting, but definitely much more difficult to stay creative as a carnivore; the worry isn’t lapsing before deadline, it’s cooking the same things over and over again!

* damn cheese toasties: can probably eat them every day.

August 22

When the rice cooker is already on, might as well make rice balls. A simple lunch today with ensaladang talong, lumpia, bread and butter pickles and onigiri (umeboshi, and hijiki with yukari & sesame)

Augest 25

Urgent: need sleep with same day delivery. Leftover oyakodon tweaked for today’s lunch: teriyaki chicken, tomatoes, spring rolls, pickled daikon, spinach and broad bean namul, steamed broad beans, carrot kimpira and an umeboshi

September 1

Feeling like something simple, and smaller. And veggie. Lunch is mung bean curry, corn onigiri and hijiki with yukari and sesame onigiri. One day I’ll build a corn, butter and soy riceball that doesn’t fall apart; that day is not today

September 5

A test that confirms that taco rice is a difficult thing to pack without using a larger box. On the plus side, everything just fits in a work bowl. And work has habanero-type Tabasco for a chilli boost

September 7

An unusual food stop at home; too many leftovers to leave around for the next few days. A veggie mapo tofu, with the probably-authentic fermented bean chilling paste. I thought fermented foods were supposed to be good for your guts!?

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