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Lunch Log: (Sporadic) Week 177

The intermittent fasting continues as sporadic as the lunch entries, though the quiet log days do not reveal what was dinner there wasn’t much to report there either. Considering that, this means that there were days which the best way to dispose of leftovers (and foods approaching their best before date) was to eat them the next day hence the log has once again been revived.

Augest 11

When making bibimbap for dinner, always prepare extra large banchan so you get a bonus serving the next day. Lunch is carrot kimpira, stir fried capsicum, garlic zucchini, cheater’s bulgogi, kochujang sauce, spinach namul and tomato. I’m tempted to make more tonight!

Augest 16

Summer is BBQ food weather. Lunch is grilled zucchini, potato salad, tomato, spiced chicken, kimpira carrot an runner beans and an umeboshi

Augest 18

Evidence that I’ve made a batch of lumpia (though in my forgetfulness I logged this on the 19th). Lunch is Korean spinach, pickled daikon, spring rolls, carrot and runner bean kimpira, steamed broad beans and an umeboshi

Augest 19

Today’s entry is courtesy of dinner leftovers. Lunch is lumpia, tomato, lemon seasoned samphire, grilled seabass, garlic mixed mushrooms and an umeboshi

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