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Lunch of Haggis

Haggis with haggis and haggis..

Haggis with haggis and haggis..

The idea to throw a BBQ for any occasion is not a very original nor unfamiliar motion for a pair of Australians, and to have 2 ‘special’ calendar events in sequence doubles the chances for proceeding. Spawned to celebrate this years Burns Night and Australia day, the game was afoot to use as much haggis as we’d possibly be able to prepare for party food. Of such items it is undeniable that one is typically my speciality: makizushi. To counter the richness of the katsu of haggis and black pudding the sushi filling also included oak leaf lettuce, spring onion and pickled gherkins.

Lunch is: haggis & black pudding katsu makizushi, ‘neeps & tatties’ salad with roast capsicum, (veggie) haggis spring rolls, and eggplant with haggis.

After eating this lunch it may be testament that there may be a thing as too much haggis.

Haggis & Black Pudding Katsu

  • Set aside a small haggis (because you’re likely to use some to ‘address’ it after all; bagpipes optional) and crumb the half that will be used. Mix in a beaten egg white into the haggis.
  • Cut a small amount of black pudding into 3-5mm cubes and carefully fold into the haggis mix – use just enough to ‘speckle’ the mixture
  • Roll thin sausage shapes with the haggis/black pudding and refrigerate for about 1/2-1hr
  • When ready to deep fry, heat vegetable oil to about 180°C and prepare plates of plain flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs
  • Carefully roll the haggis & black pudding sausages* in the flour, then egg , then breadcrumbs and fry in small batches until the coating is golden brown

* Choose a shape you’d prefer; sausage-shapes are best for maki

Haggis & Black Pudding Katsu Makizushi

If the cooled katsu is too thich, halve or quarter them lengthways for sushi filling. Slice pickled gherkin and the green part of a spring onion into thin matchsticks. Place enough lettuce leaves on the sushi rice to go along the length or the roll and put the katsu and gherkin pieces on top. If the leaves are a little wide, roll the lettuce with the other fillings inside before completing the maki.

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