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February Blues

February Blues

I have quite a backlog of entries to post about, but as I don’t really have time or the energy I’d rather invest in tweaking my theme to handle ‘micro’ posts. Just a picture and tags perhaps. Eh hem *cough* Twitpic *cough*. I wish I was actually joking about the coughing part (and to think the day of the month had something to do with the title..)

Here I am reporting from home, eating what should of been Wednesday’s lunch. I’ve been commuting on the (mis?) guided busway here for over a month – during winter no less – so catching something was bound to happen. Meanwhile a certain someone hasn’t caught the flu since we moved, so not co-sharing cramped spaces twice a day has seemed to have made a difference.

If no new backdated entries have shown up between this post and the veggies post I can safely assume that a previous weekly review post (it’s in progress) won’t reveal anything about this lunch. Well, here it is: the ‘missing’ posts are in my Google Page which reveal that I cook in batches due to the tell-tale signs of repeating lunchable items. Though to me lunch seems to have some monotony (miso veg again? Boiled egg – what about tamagoyaki?) seeing it all posted as images it doesn’t seem too repetitive in retrospect. Having a break in between making and eating does give back a little sense of surprise though. Onto the menu!

Top tier contents: Miso mixed vegetables, cucumber slices, edamame skewer, apple, steamed baby carrots, pre-cooked prawns, boiled egg, loose edamame (hidden).

Bottom tier contents: Rice, stir fry noodles with prawn garnish.

Lunch contents; thankfully not sneezed onto the keyboard

Now please excuse me while I wipe the mucous off the screen and keyboard – I think I need to lie down a little bit.

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