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Eat Your Veggies!

I’m annoyed that though I don’t currently have a weight problem, it’s as if my personal concerns seem unfounded to other people. I have what I refer to as a “weight time-bomb”: if I’m not careful it’s in my genes that I can ‘blow up’. Presently I believe that all my sisters are now above their recommended BMI, and it’s been some time when I’ve noticed that my metabolism isn’t as it was as I age. What further exacerbates the problem is that I have a rather sedentary lifestyle and that I like to eat (not just anything, just anything tasty).

Eat Your Veggies!

On the turn of the new year, Yvan and I have resolved to try and be healthier. Our new bathroom scales is WiFi connected which uploads our weights so we can monitor them, and it does BMI calculations as well measuring body fat via bioelectrical impedance (not very accurate, but close enough). We are also looking at what we put into ourselves, so over the weekend we put much more planning for our lunches this week – Yvan more so in particular. Our preparation included throwing ideas at lunchable items that have little to no carbs, and we (more like Yvan) mass-baked a bunch of mini quiches as part of the daily menu. Packed with leek, cottage cheese and a scant amount of bacon (which we know we can reduce) inside a 2-sheet filo-pastry case each quiche is about 162 kCal and has almost the same amount of protein as carbs!

Top tier

Bottom tier

Top tier: Namasu, mini quiche, 40g of shredded slow-roasted lamb shoulder

Bottom tier: Plain rice garnished with mini capsicum, steamed cabbage with onion gravy (from the roast) and mini capsicum.

So apart from the rice and the shredded lamb, all the components had some form of vegetation. If I were to repeat this I would of added some salad leaves to try an prettify the top tier; it could do with some more green stuff. The lamb was a little unpleasant by itself as the fat it contained had congealed – the namasu was a perfect foil. The cabbage was made very edible as it was cooked with the addition of some of the onion gravy that was served with the original roast.

A variety of veg means colour - naturally attractive too!

Here’s hoping that this trend continues – eating more vegetables!

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