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Vegan Jewelbox

An unexpected trip into town meant that I had a bit of time to be a good little consumer. As it is far easier to “stock up while you can” I opted for ‘pantry’ items rather than items needing immediate refrigeration. Although I can make it myself, I still haven’t gotten my kimchi as crisp, light and less offensive than the store-bought variety.

Vegan Jewelbox

Ultimately due to laziness there still isn’t any food at home of the fleshy variety (porcine, bovine, ovine, poultry, seafood, equine.. you get the drift). The good news is that we’ve gotten through the frozen meat food stash. The other plus is that the alternatives are far more economical and healthier. Though I am not entirely certain that the store-bought kimchi is vegan (highly unlikely, it traditionally uses a dashi-like stock) it can be substituted by one you make yourself that is vegan-friendly. The ganmodoki in this lunch is definitely not vegan as it uses doenjang – a Korean bean paste resembling miso; in this batch it contains some sort of snail – but there are plenty of miso out there that make vegans happy. With plenty of colours and flavour contrasts this lunch has definitely made me happy. And full..

Top tier

Bottom tier

Top tier contents: konnyaku (and mushroom) no miso ni (added sliced and chopped mushroom at the ‘dry’ frying stage) with sesame seeds, lettuce baran, pickled radish garnished with parsley, capsicum and celery kimpira with vinegar dressing, ganmodoki with wholegrain mustard.

Bottom tier contents: quinoa rice garnished with buckler-leaf sorrel and black sesame, kimchi.

All the different colours and flavours made me think of jewels in a box..

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