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First Perilla

Summer seems more evident with the majority of green produce in the off-license claiming it’s origins from the UK. The strawberries are still fruiting and flowering despite the unusual dry (and sunny!) weather. Unfortunately due to the move the crop of red perilla hadn’t the time in the ground as it should – last year it was about a metre in height.

First perilla used this year. Hopefully more to come!

I had luck on my side when I went to get the pantry/fridge stocked up last night when I spotted a bunch of salmon – farmed in Scotland. Though the fridge is atypically stocked with edibles (veggies! Not just beer and condiments!) I keep misjudging the size of my lunchbox and didn’t make use of them all. With some luck, I’ll be able to put my plan in fruition regarding the English capsicums tomorrow..

Another oddity: I’ve used the large compartment for rice. Though this is the intended use of the compartment, I haven’t filled it all the way to make room for the salmon slice – so less carbs guilt! Now if only rice and nori can be grown/made here I’ll feel less guilty about the food miles.

Top tier

Bottom tier

Top tier contents: Rice with pan-fried salmon section garnished with red perilla.

Bottom tier contents: Rustic spinach, potato salad, nori tamagoyaki, wild strawberries.

The potato salad is worth mentioning: for one large potato I only used 1 (eating) tablespoon of mayonnaise, the last scrapings from the jar. The secret: slight overcooking – a mushier potato re-creates a ‘creaminess’ that would otherwise be replaced by mayo (which is almost pure oil). Another notable difference is the method of cooking: I had baked the potato, which lead to a cleaner potato-taste as it lacked the water it would absorbed if boiled. I hope I could try this again!

Good to have eggs that yellow again

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