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Stoplight Sushi

After finishing the old rice and quinoa for dinner, I finally got the opportunity to use the pre-roasted capsicum for an intended dish: stoplight sushi! Though the colours dulled, the natural sweetness and flavour is enhanced with roasting capsicum. The combination smoked mackerel, miso konnyaku, potato salad, peppery rocket, and roast capsicum was definitely an explosion of different flavours and textures.

Stoplight Sushi

The sushi itself was rather easy to construct, but as my horrible knife skills show despite aligning the capsicum pieces properly they couldn’t stay straight together due to the sizes of the strips not being equal. Oh well, I foresee another attempt in the future.

Top tier

Bottom tier

Top tier contents: ‘Stoplight’ (roasted red, yellow and green capsicum) sushi, mixed salad leaves, smoked mackerel garnished with thyme flowerhead.

Bottom tier contents: Konnyaku no miso ni, mixed salad leaves, potato salad garnished with spring onion.

Stop, wait - EAT!

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