Smoked Salmon & Avocado Uramaki © 2012 kit

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Uramaki

Uramaki closeup

I haven’t made inside-out rolls in a while and it only occurred to me as I cut the full sheet of nori in half that perhaps it wasn’t large enough. Luckily the old memory was correct and they ended up a perfect size despite that nagging doubt.

In a sort of contrast to the previous bento, I must of subconsciously decided that I had to make a more decadent roll for lunch this time round. I picked up a small serve of smoked salmon and recalled that I haven’t used it in a while, whereas once upon a time I frequently did during the early days of moving to the UK – it was one of the ingredients in the first rolls made in this country (oh nostalgia!)

With the deliberate decision to switch to boiled eggs, I’m kind of missing the cute yellow squares of tamagoyaki. Also for similar reasons (read: healthier) I once again added quinoa to the rice, but the ratio isn’t as good with having someone readily demolishing the rice (me, thus having more rice around) – it was only 3:1 of rice:quinoa.

On a tangent: it really pays to have your digital camera fully charged to take photos!

Top tier

Top tier contents: Purple-sprouting broccoli gomae, boiled egg, edamame skewer, carrot kimpira, grape tomatoes.

Bottom tier

Bottom tier contents: Smoked salmon-wrapped uramaki (rice with quinoa filled with avocado, crabstick and cucumber), edamame, grape tomatoes.

I might need to dig out those old photos of lunches I made for Yvan – these days I try to balance it all with an array of side-dishes. Personally, I have an extremely good rice ‘tolerance’; I wonder how long he suffered with a rice overload in the past? (Sorry Yvan!)

Yvan's lunch. Once upon a time, it would be completely devoid of side dishes and filled with sushi (and too much rice as a result)

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