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Breakfast for Lunch

When I snapped up some salmon on special, I thought I would make a proper large breakfast to start the day. But as most plans go, I was sidetracked so I was left hungry with the breakfast hours long past and nothing in an edible state. One thing I did learn that no matter the sharpness of the knife, a freshly cooked salmon piece is not going to cut cleanly – it should be done prior to cooking.

Most of the items in this lunch were what I intended for breakfast, though I completely forgot to pack the cooked salmon piece! Oh well, another time when I’m more organised..

Breakfast for Lunch

Lunch contents

Top tier contents: rice, umeboshi with pickled shiso, tamagoyaki garnished with spring onion.

Bottom tier contents: soy and garlic simmered shiitake, tamagoyaki, Chinese cabbage stir-fried with bacon, leek and sesame seeds.

Not pictured but eaten with lunch: grilled salmon.

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