Falafel & Chunky Tabbouleh © 2009 kit

Falafel & Chunky Tabbouleh

My youngest sister makes me feel old – when I got in contact with her through emails and stalking networking sites she informed me she was already a second year university student. She – unlike myself at that time – is still enthusiastic about her subjects despite having another 4 years ahead of her double degree (and she managed to not drop either commerce nor engineering.) Her days were unsurprisingly tiring in addition to juggling a part-time job, and she complained about not having time to prepare lunch before the mad dash of her morning commute.

Falafel & Chunky Tabbouleh

My first documented lunchbox, and it didn't have rice!

I had been making lunch for my self for a few months or two for work and revealed that the best time is actually the night before – leftovers are a great source of lunch fodder. I had not chronicled my lunches before – the earliest time I could remember actually being pleased with my efforts was the last years of high-school with my sushi fixation. I thought, why not? I’ll try document these things occasionally and try to excite my little sister into a habit that gets you excited when lunchtime approaches. With ‘bad’ days at work, it wasn’t difficult to be perked up a little after a carefully hand-made lunch.

Top tier closeup

Top tier

Top tier contents: chunky tabbouleh, cucumber slices, falafel on a bed of parsley and herbs.

Bottom tier closeup

Bottom tier

Bottom tier contents: Pumpkin seed bread with mint-yoghurt sauce (in the cling wrap), left-over hamburgers with spicy tomato sauce and cheese slices.

When I responded with photos, I realized a few things:

  • Falafels? Me? Cooking? Who’d of thunk it? Who knows what I’ll try to (over)do next?!
  • The falafels consumed at a beer festival a few days before truly were overpriced.
  • Probably should of added egg to help bind the falafels better

So, onwards – my journey with keeping this lunch-making habit and documenting it all!

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