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Lunch Log: (Sorta-diet edition) Week 212

I have lots to be thankful for my workplace – as a small tech company they still remain rather down-to-earth in contrast to careening mindlessly into an aggressive ‘Silicon Valley’ (or in this case: fen) mentality. Oh but they still do keep their traditions (we may be outside Cambridge, but this is still technically is Cambridge), where one is a summer party normally hosted on-site.

As much as the bulk of the lunches this week are on track for ‘diet mode’, I must admit that is ignoring the attempt to clear out one very very welcome summer party left-over: home-made ice cream and sorbet.

July 11

I’m so very tired but I’ve devised a lower carb croquette recipe that is worth repeating. Back to the diet it is! Lunch is reduced carb beef croquettes, steamed peas, 75g rice with an umeboshi, steamed broccoli with Dijon mustard, kimchi, quick pickled cucumber and a tomato

July 12

I only just looked up the calories in a nectarine and it’s a little higher than the usual fodder, but I’ve not restocked the fridge. Lunch is beef croquettes, soy and lemon eggplant, rice with yukari, a nectarine, steamed (frozen) broccoli, tomato and Greek style yogurt

July 13

Being very unproductive today as my work machine acts like a diva, so it’s an early lunch time for me. Lunch is 70g of rice with an umeboshi, steamed beans, rustic Korean spinach, “bistro” salad, cucumber and a tomato

July 14

Rice restriction rules are lifted for today; feeling drained. The god of small mercies seems to have smiled upon me today with this care package from home. Lunch is noriben (1: spinach, green beans & sesame rice 2: takuan & egg fried rice 3: yukari, hijiki & sesame rice 4: beef soboro rice) and a cheese free “Greek” salad.

Just a few more hours.. gotta hold on..

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