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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 211

Summer months mean the first ‘proper’ wave of festivals so I’ve been feeling exhausted and cautious with filling the house with ingredients – so it’s another stash-heavy week. One addition though is the more steady use of cucumber – which is in my mind easier to deal with lettuce for taste or portions (iceberg) or shelf-life (cos/oak-leaf).

Also worth noting: cucumber with yogurt is too wet for the bottom tier (the unsealed layer).

July 3

I’m getting too old for full festival volunteering, so tired. Hurrah for leftovers! Lunch is BBQ paprika eggplant, grilled lamb chop with BBQ sauce, steamed broccoli, pea rice and “Greek” salad (forgot the red onions).

Very slow eating with a fork, which might be a good thing

July 4

I don’t know if this is still good for my diet, but I know my tongue agrees so it’s not looking good. Lunch is ebi furai, steamed broccoli, steamed peas, rice with yukari and “Greek” salad

July 5

Still feeling tired in the morning, but at least my rice was cooked fresh. Lunch is takuan, umeboshi onigiri and “Greek” salad

July 6

A western style dinner means a western style lunch. Lunch is paprika eggplant, lemon carrots, Greek style beef and eggplant, tomato, rice with yukari and tzatziki salad

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