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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 209

The gears have been turning faster, so it’s full steam ahead or get crushed! One thing about the warmer season is the introduction of more local produce, and one thing I like is when the local peas are about they are more likely eaten raw than cooked. If I recall, there is a fairy tale that begins with a princess that was accidentally foiling an evil curse because she passed a pea field every day and snacked on them (the curse was not effective unless she had not eaten; naturally, one day she did go hungry and thus the curse and the story begins proper). So eat your peas!

June 19

Amused that the weather reminds me of a decade ago, when the temperatures hit close to home. I think I might take my time appreciating the sun and good food. Lunch is tiny rice, takuan, BBQ beef skirt, BBQ eggplant, bean sprout namul and a “Thai” styled salad

June 20

Spoiled myself today with fried chicken, but I had less for dinner. Eating a western salad with chopsticks seems wrong however there’s no one to correct me. Lunch is wakame and sesame rice, takuan, bean sprouts and cabbage stem namul, pickled radish, Korean fried chicken on shredded cabbage and “Greek” salad

June 22

Of course, sorrel doesn’t like heat or acid. Lunch is cabbage stem with oyster sauce, chicken teriyaki, tomato, cucumber, snack sized rice with yukari and pickled radish and Asian coleslaw

June 23

Midnight is not a recommended time for dinner but the leftovers are top notch. Though one of these things don’t seem to match the “western” theme. Lunch is pepper steak, steamed beans, tomato, Mediterranean roast veg, bread-and-butter pickles, steamed broccoli and 70g of rice

June 24

Give peas a chance! Yes, it’s the weekend and this time I came prepared. The schedule was shifted, so technically this is lunch. “Lunch” is mapo tofu, steamed broccoli, rice with takuan, “Asian” coleslaw and raw fresh peas

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