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Lunch Log: (Diet edition) Week 208

So far, salads are a great way to diversify my ‘bulk’ section of my lunch but I need to devise more recipes; this time I’ve experimented with a ‘Thai’ style one that uses cabbage. It’s not bad considering all the changes I’ve applied in keeping it low calorie and actually looks attractive.

If only this was effective to curb the rest of my appetite…

June 12

Back from beery things, and it’s back to rabbit food; deceptive as the bulk of lettuce lurks beneath. Lunch is spicy chicken, pickled radish, roast cauliflower, baby zucchini namul, an umeboshi on a rice sample and “Greek” salad.

In the immortal words of a great man “you don’t win friends with salad”, though to elaborate it might be you’d be scaring everyone. Unless you make a tasty salad like this one (probably not as low calorie as the others, oh well)

June 13

Going fusion again but at least I’ve restricted it to a region. Lunch is beef and veggie stir fry with black bean sauce, stir fried pea eggplant, takuan, a mini portion of rice and a Thai based salad.

The stir fry is courtesy of leftovers and are proof that takeaways here can’t hold a candle to home cooking

June 15

I could of had another fast day, but I settled for a light lunch to ease my stomach post take away. Lunch is bean sprout namul, steamed broad beans, 70g of rice garnishing an umeboshi and “Greek” salad

June 16

Well, this deviates from the diet somewhat but this isn’t as bad as they come. Lunch is harissa chicken udon with a soy based chicken broth, topped with garlic pak choi, chilli, bean sprouts​, spring onion and a soft boiled egg.

Had to use the home made stock as it looked​ too good not to.

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