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Lunch Log: Week 199

Aaaand, as suddenly as the surge of energy arrives it can also suddenly go away. As tasty as karaage is I don’t doubt that it’s far too easy to fall into a rut of just cooking a small set of recipes, this is exactly what I was trying to avoid by packing bento from the start.

It is more to do with the lack of variety in the local shop; the protein alternatives either look sad or are more effort to prepare. Well, better luck next week…

March 28

OK, as big as this box is, it really isn’t ideal for taco rice. Lunch is fine shredded cabbage, coriander, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, chilli with yogurt, red onion with furikake.

March 29

A simple one today and quick to gobble down. Lunch is chilli croquettes, tomato, okra, “dry coleslaw” (cabbage and red onion), oyster sauce bok choi and an umeboshi

March 30

Oh no, I’ve fallen into the trap of using chicken but it’s oh so delicious. Once I clear out the meat cache, perhaps I can go veggie next week. Lunch is bok choi with chilli and oyster sauce, takuan, okra, tomato, chicken karaage on shredded cabbage, soy and yuzu eggplant and an umeboshi.

Trying out a new furikake, supposed to have 8 different veg but the fish in it overwhelms

March 31

Gah, the correlation between my cooking ability and my weight is very strong. Lunch is rustic Korean-style spinach, butter-fried king oyster mushroom, okra, tomato, 2 coating styled karaage on “dry coleslaw” (cabbage and red onion), “wa style” adobo eggplant, steamed beans and an umeboshi

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