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Lunch Log: Week 198

When the other half is on a roll in the kitchen, just wait it out and hope they’ll cook too much – how glorious was that dinner! The curried monkfish was quite something that really inspires one (ok, someone gluttonous like me) to bash out the tasty stuff all week.

It also helps to just have a rolling stash of leftovers…

March 20

After one bite I knew I had to hoard some leftovers from dinner. Outstanding! Lunch is okra, broccoli stem and green bean kimpira, hijiki and soy bean nimono, namasu, tomato, dill rosti, curried monkfish, kombu no tsukudani and an umeboshi.

This made me very happy for a rainy first day of spring

March 21

This classic is probably my favourite slow fast food, with the added vegetarian bonus. Lunch is linguine with Mediterranean roast veggies, extra black olives and feta

March 22

Thank you, yesterday me for the foresight to prepare my favourite things for today. Lunch is broccoli stem & bean kimpira, spinach with goma-ae, tomato, takuan, garlic chicken karaage on a ‘dry’ coleslaw (red cabbage and cress; add mayo before eating), fish-fragrant eggplant and an umeboshi.

I wanna hide in the kitchen until the end of the day and eat more of this.

March 23

Almost an exact replica of yesterday as I deliberately kept some dinner over for today. Lunch is fish-fragrant eggplant, green beans goma-ae, takuan, chicken karaage on “dry” coleslaw (red cabbage & cress), steamed broad beans, broccoli stem kimpira and a tomato

March 24

I was going to skip lunch, but there was the cress to use up. Lunch is miso udon with cress, spring onion and fish-fragrant eggplant.

The soup used instant dashi; I think I used too much but it was rather smokey

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