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Lunch Log: Week 196

What a contrast from last week – after some settling in time and recalling all the new ingredients we’ve hoarded from the “foreign muck” shop it was just a matter of time.

Much colour! So variety! Wow!

Well, just perhaps a few old favourites and one that I’ve been meaning to do since it’s relatively easy to make a huge batch and freeze: simmered soy beans with hijiki. As with the first time, I didn’t realize how long it takes for soy beans to cook for a dish like this – perhaps the English weather requires 2 days pre-soaking…

March 7

I don’t suggest you eat tabbouleh with chopsticks, especially if it’s not parsley heavy. Lunch is quinoa tabbouleh, pan fried mackerel, butter & honey carrots, sautéed capsicum & swiss chard, simmered red cabbage, takuan and kimchee

March 8

Finally made this nimono; who knew how long it takes for soy beans to soften?! Lunch is guinea fowl teriyaki, pickled radish, steamed broad beans, mustard red cabbage, namasu, hijiki & soy nimono and an umeboshi.

Hopefully that’s the last of the freezer meat. Pity it was breast so it was quite dry. Sriracha to the rescue!

March 9

A cop-out but a tasty one; how can I deny a good rare steak? So posh! Lunch is beef with mustard, steamed green beans, namasu, vegan turnip cake, hijiki & soy nimono and a tomato.

My turnip cake monstrosity wasn’t too bad, but it’s much better hot

March 10

Leftovers made sure I had plenty okazu, so much that I couldn’t fit it all in! Lunch is ensaladang talong, vegan turnip cake slathered in non-vegan oyster sauce, takuan, green bean kimpira, namasu, salmon misozuke, hijiki & soy nimono and a pickled radish

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