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Lunch Log: Week 195

Trying one more time to forcefully drag myself out of food-funk, in this case it’s the sheer amount of leftovers (that I’ve not necessarily cooked) that’s made the change.

I will need to attempt a more serious way to over-consuming (beer doesn’t help) though I know I’ll need to tackle the “calories out” part too… One step at a time though!

February 27

Getting out of food funk slowly; feeling guilty that it’s due to getting some meat in again. But it’s all simple tasty stuff. Lunch is seasoned beef flank steak, sumiso dressed steamed purple sprouting broccoli, tomato, grilled eggplant and namasu 

February 28

More leftovers today and an impressive amount of veg. Still feeling the funk though… Lunch is grilled mushroom, pickled radish, BBQ beef ribs, tomato, namasu, steamed purple sprouting broccoli with sumiso and takuan slices.

My phone camera sucks, the takuan looks fluorescent

March 1

Breakfast for lunch, which is a good thing for an upset stomach. Lunch is natto tamagokake gohan.

I think I’m trying to gross out my coworkers deliberately…

March 2

Feeling better, and the colours in this make the day better. Lunch is ginger eggplant, namasu, takuan, sumiso purple sprouting broccoli, tomato, herb roast pork slices, enoki & carrot kimpira and a pickled radish “warratah”. The furikake is new, and also delicious: nori and tororo.

Looks like lacking inspiration doesn’t prevent eating good food as long as you have the ingredients available

March 3

Oh Friday, deliver me quickly to the sweet release of the weekend! I’m even flaunting my vegan card today! Lunch is namasu, ginger eggplant, steamed purple sprouting broccoli, ganmodoki with mustard, tomato, sumiso purple sprouting broccoli and kombu no tsukudani washed down with instant miso.

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