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Lunch Log: Onigiri Action Week 186

Well, that’s it for #OnigiriAction – it was just not possible to get another ‘pretty’ entry sorted but I’m pleased with some of the okazu and onigiri fillings devised through this campaign – I hope it’s been a successful one that has improved the lives for the better.

Though I must admit – I have the biggest craving for pasta and noodles now…

November 28

I should of asked for leftovers as the Thanksgiving hosts were to fly two days after. Perhaps though this is better for the drunken debauchery during the weekend. Lunch is wakame and sesame onigiri with a banana

November 29

Fish balls, ball fish! A nostalgic taste made more unhealthy with panko. Lunch is soy and ginger mini eggplant, tomato, kale and spring onion “fried seaweed”, panko fish balls and umeboshi onigiri

November 30

The last #OnigiriAction post; sadly I’ve not the time for anything elaborate as deadlines approach. Lunch is a fish ball, home made harissa, mayo and spring onion onigiri: a big size, big on flavour and pretty delicious it turns out

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