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Lunch Log: Onigiri Action Week 181

“A pox upon your houses” – someone cursing me, probably. It’s been rather virulent of late; at work as well as the local have been struck which makes me a conduit in making this flu (or flus) rather successful. Well, #OnigiriAction is still a-go!

October 24

Brought down by a head cold on Sunday so having self-imposed exile at home. But I have stove access, so yay? Lunch is yaki onigiri, which used soy, chilli and butter: simple and delicious! Hoping tomorrow I don’t sneeze all over everyone

October 25

Isn’t there something about being well fed to starve off a cold? 2 fresh rice balls would do the job. Lunch is tomato, soy eggplant, vegetable loaf, steamed broccoli and a pair of onigiri (umeboshi and natto). The natto one could do with some spring onion

October 26

Not needing too much food, nor company, it seems. A smelly but delicious late lunch of a kimchi and coriander onigiri

October 27

Devilled mushrooms are no Korean fried chicken, but I imagine this is healthier for me. Lunch is soy eggplant, devilled mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, miso veggies and onigiri (kimchi and umeboshi with tororo)

October 28

A typical way to make veggies more appealing: deep fry ’em. Though, with the massive alterations I can’t call them kibbeh. Lunch is miso veggies, tomato, broccoli, kibbeh-influenced pumpkin dumplings stuffed with spinach and a double umeboshi onigiri

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