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Lunch Log: Week 130

“I’m going vegetarian/pescatarian for a week” I declared after a week of chicken. Though the chicken definitely was not monotonous in preparation I felt that it was time to not go so heavy with meat-based protein as the ‘feature’ dish; it’s too close to doing what is the considered norm of “meat and two veg”.

In doing this I knew I had to go with at least one feature dish that is a firm favourite, hence gyoza – though I do feel guilty I did use prawns as the replacement since there are still some dubious sources (read: slave labour that may be involved). The ganmadoki however confirmed that I shouldn’t deep fry things often as it tried to attack my right arm (probably didn’t dry the patties enough).

Overall, I happily munched on this week’s lunches and instant miso helped quell the stomach when left dissatisfied.

July 13



Got a bit lazy on Sunday after gardening (more like outdoor tidying) but I’ve resolved to go vegetarian or pescatarian this week. Lunch is linguine with “roasted” red cherry tomatoes, fresh yellow tomatoes, BBQ capsicum, capers, chopped herbs and garlic & anchovy seasoned BBQ eggplant.

Not a pretty sight in the bowl but it definitely hit the spot.

July 14




Bright and colourful and vegetarian today; it almost makes up for trying to get 3rd degree burns on my right arm. Lunch is steamed peas (in their pods) with salt, tomato, ganmadoki, miso egg, pickled radishes, steamed baby broad beans and onigiri (kombu no tsukudani and umeboshi)

July 15




OK, I’ve gotta say I’m pretty happy with this lunch. Good thing I packed extra.. Lunch is prawn gyoza, steamed baby broad beans, pickled radishes, tomato and ganmadoki with pea rice.

Just a touch of soy sauce the gyoza – filled with prawns, shiitake, black cloud fungus, carrot and cabbage – was good though maybe chilli oil next time

July 16




Still some wrappers left so an almost repeat of the gyoza but with much more veggies. Lunch is prawn “flavoured” gyoza, steamed broad beans, alpine strawberry, tomato, miso egg, pickled radishes and steamed peas

July 17




Aw, I didn’t make al fresco friendly food today so I’m inside viewing the outdoor tables while I eat. Lunch is ojingeo bokkeum (spicy Korean stir fried squid), steamed peas, ganmadoki, tomato, pickled radishes and steamed broad beans

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