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Bento bako mk 2: Ma Chérie 2 tier

I’ve been meaning to put a post up when I upgraded my lunch box, but how time flies: more than a year ago?! However, unlike unboxing videos and reviews of “hot-off-the-press” items I can provide the perspective of a long-term user. Do note that I hand-wash my bento boxes and never put any of them in the microwave so (in theory) they last longer.

This 620ml-capacity box (probably a little larger for my needs according to sizing guidelines) consists of:

  • top/cover lid
  • top tier and rubber lid (250ml)
  • bottom tier (370ml)
  • bento band


On unboxing I can still recall how very robust and heavy it was compared to my previous yellow box (Lube Sheep!); naturally, this box uses more plastic and has much thicker walls. Thus, with better quality you do get what you pay for; I would be very surprised if my box would develop cracks considering how thick it is. The quality extends to the hard-wearing paint of the cat pattern and the cute detail on the provided band. Excuse the appearance, the paw print *was* much darker and sharper when it was first in my hands I promise!

Unlike the first box, the larger tier is unfortunately not the one with the ‘air tight’ lid. The rubber lid isn’t as good as a clip-locking container, but at first it would handle some pretty liquid contents – with the wear of time I’ve had it I don’t really trust it with anything resembling a thin soup. I’m also not the type to be using it as a football in a rugby game so it’s sufficient for my needs – it’s mostly transported upright (as it should!) when full.





A common feature which I really like about the 2 tier boxes is how these types can be stacked differently and made more compact when empty; this one requires the smaller sealed tier to be placed upside-down into the larger tier.

In terms of capacity versus appetite I can say that I’ve been rather happy with this box. I have to be careful not to use it up to capacity as it is larger than my last box and also for the fact that currently I don’t exercise as much. As with both I don’t pack “loose” salads so I do make absolute use of the space.

To avoid my latent hoarding tendencies I don’t plan to get another box unless there is a need to. So hopefully I’m sticking with this one for a long while yet!

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