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Temari Onigiri

Temari Onigiri

The one big advantage from the move is evident in the kitchen – we seem to be able to get our hands on very fresh and local produce. One trip the local farm shop, which we consider our first stop for greens, had Yvan cycle home with a backpack of veggies. With such happy leafy tops on the beetroot and radishes he attempted to make a simple quick pickle of the beet stems and sliced radish.

“Here’s a cabbage.”

Huh, it seemed that there was a very subtle request for kimchi. While that fermented in the fridge I made a simple coleslaw for use as a snack or for lunches.

Top tier

Top tier: White rice (with smatterings of brown rice) onigiri* topped with home-made picked chillis and black sesame, nori and smoked salmon, on a bed of salad leaves.

Bottom tier

Bottom tier: Coleslaw, (very soft) boiled egg*, salt-pickled beetroot stems, chrysanthemum-style pickled radish

I did feel indulgent when I got the smoked salmon from the local off-license, but I couldn’t feel guilt free if I bought much else beyond this as they suffer from the usual ‘affordable meat/seafood’ fare. Even the supply of veg seem to all originate over the channel or further.

*Note 1: The onigiri are styled as if they were temari sushi – the difference is in the name: sushi (vinegared rice) and rice ball (mildly salted from the method of salting your hands as you form them)
*Note 2: I undercooked the egg by accident; this is not a state I would recommend be repeated for the increased chance of food poisoning.

Temari Onigiri

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